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How do I know I need Automation?

How do I know I need Automation?

Chris Marshall - 

Every office has manual processes involved in handling workflow or generating reports.  Database Concepts has a 20+ year history of automating these manual tasks.  This frees up time and allows you to keep a closer eye on your business without all the work.  It’s not unusual to see a 2 ½ hour project that can be automated and will run in 60 seconds.

People ask “How do I know that I need Automation?”  You should consider an automated solution if any of the following are true:

1) You collect data from multiple programs to create a report or run part of your business. 

2) You hand-enter data that comes from a printout or other system. 

3) You create a report and then export the results to Word or Excel where you make manual formatting and formula changes      to get what you want. 

4) You want more frequent reports or feedback but don’t want the hassle of generating reports. 

If any of these are true, please contact us to discuss a way to automate your business.  After all…your time is too valuable to do things the hard way!