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customized programming databasesDo you or your staff have repetitive tasks they do, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly? Do you wish these tasks can become automated? Perhaps they can be with Database Concepts. Imagine what other higher level tasks and projects can be accomplish once you are free of the repetitive tasks. 

Your routine tasks can be automated by designing and programming customized databases using Access database or SQL databases, and at times, Excel and other tools. The result is a reductions of time wasted doing repetitive tasks which translates into cost savings and increased productivity. 

Take a look at these two short client stories to see how we have helped other companies:

Client: Renaissance Financial, St. Louis MO

Situation:  Financial advisors in three offices placed stock & mutual fund trades in an in-house system.  These had to be manually transcribed into Schwab and Pershing websites to execute the trades.

Solution: Database Concepts provided a software bridge to automatically connect the in-house systems to a download directly into the custodian websites.

Results: Two client employees went to work for other firms; Client only had to replace one of the due to increased efficiencies of new system.  Client recorded savings in salary and benefits of $70,000 per year for each of five years.

Client: Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago IL

Situation:  Firm prepares four Excel spreadsheet reports twice annually for each client.  These include a Statement of Investable Net Worth, an Investment Summary, an Investment Comparison and a Style Box analysis.  Client estimates 3,300 hours of staff time annually involved in this process, at a cost of over $83,300.

Solution:  Database Concepts automated the storage and processing of client data from Schwab and provided custom Excel macros to create each of the reports.

Results: Client estimates preparation time reduced to just under 1/3 of original time, saving valuable staff resources and over $50,000 annually in salary costs.

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