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Customized Solutions

One of the first steps we do is analyze your business processes to see how you work and fully understand your expected results. Your processes and work flow are examined step-by step. With the analysis we can then determine what type of database solution is needed to get the results you need. 

The next step is developing the system you need. In the process, we often uncover other areas that can be automated to reduce your overall costs and increase efficiencies. 

Read this client case study to see how we've helped this wealth management company: 

Client: Boyer & Corporation Wealth Management, Overland Park, KS

Situation: Firm had created an Excel spreadsheet to automate the placement of stock and bond trades.  Tool lacked certain features that require a database with history to complete.

Solution: Database Concepts created an Access database which allows for more complex trade criteria and retains a history of all trades placed for compliance purposes.

Results: Firm can use more advanced selection criteria to select clients for a buy or sell trade.

See what one of our clients say about us and our process to understand your requirements:

  • Tim Bayer

    Chris' real strength is the unique ability to communicate to clients in plain English (Not Tech talk) to determine their needs and plan solutions; then translate their requirements into computer language; and finally to train the end users in an easy to understand process. 

    I would highly recommend Chris to companies that require Data organization and to work with a professional that provides solutions, not just computer programming.

    Tim Bayer
    Tim Bayer

    Customer Success Manager

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