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Customize Database Programming

Access database SQL DatabaseMany of our clients may be in the same industry such as wealth management, finance, banking or other industries, and they may have similar issues. However, they all have unique ways of working and need a customized solutions to solve their issue. 

After a complete analysis of their business processes, workflow and needs we then get to work by developing a customized database program. This program is then implemented tested and you and/or your staff is trained on how to use it. This program is customized for your company and unique to your business. 

Access & SQL Databases

While your company may be using a variety of databases we can pull your information from your systems and then program them into an Access Database or SQL Database, plus other programs such as Microsoft Excel. The type of database is often not as important as the results, but many companies do want to know they type of database systems we use. If you have any questions as how we can work with your systems, workflow and environment, please contact us today by calling 636-328-7147 or completing the form on the right.  

See what one of our clients says about us and our programming skills:

  • Dan Shipley

    I have worked with Chris Marshall for more than three years, while he provided my department with expert database and programming services. Chris is highly knowledgeable, very personable, and displays the highest integrity. My only regret is that I could not entice Chris to work for me full time. If you are looking for database or programming services, you can not do better than Chris Marshall. I give him my highest recommendation.

    Dan Shipley
    Dan Shipley

    Curax Scientific

  • Also, take a look at the case study for an Investment firm in Tulsa, OK and the results they achieved with our Database Concepts:

    Client: Pinnacle Investment Advisors, Tulsa OK

    Situation: Client had two specific needs.  Their existing allocation database only worked with two of their nine fund custodians.  They spent 1-2 hours per day reconciling data downloads with their trading records.

    Solutions: Database Concepts connected all nine custodians to the allocation database.  Database Concepts also created a database to automate the daily reconciliation using a custom set of processing rules.  Client was instructed in modifying these rules and creating new ones as special situations arose.

    Results: Investment decisions can now be made in light of all customer assets.  Daily reconciliation can now be processed in a fraction of the time.  Client can expand and enhance their solution on their own.

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